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Knee Pain - Ice/Heat/Compression Wrap

$59.95 $79.95

This wrap provides heat, ice, and compress therapy all-in-one easy to use design.  

The knee wrap is equipped with a pair of generous 3" wide plush compression straps that can be spiraled around the support to provide focused compression and easy self-fastening. 

Rather than using a watery gel material that will push away and run from your injury; this product uses a thick, uniform composition similar to cushioned elastic, without the harmful chemicals, and 100% FDA registered.

This product delivers a lightweight and comfortable pain relieving solution unlike anything on the market. 

Includes compress wrap and reusable ice packs.

Keep one pack in the freezer. Keep the other pack ready to heat in the microwave. Slip on the wrap and insert either hot or cold pack as required. Patented design ensures hot or cold temperature is evenly applied exactly where it's needed. 

Use for:  shins, calf, knee, quads and hamstring applications

Full one year warranty.  Washable and latex free.