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Muscle Energy Techniques + Vital Glutes/Pelvis/Psoas Courses + Trigger Point Theory (15.5 CEUs)

Muscle Energy Techniques + Vital Glutes/Pelvis/Psoas Courses + Trigger Point Theory (15.5 CEUs)

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Pack Description

1.  Muscle Energy Techniques:

This practical course text is packed full of color photographs which illustrate both the theory and practice of muscle energy techniques (MET's).

The 190-page course text is beautifully illustrated throughout with color photographs to clearly explain the concepts and exercises.

The text is extensively referenced and packed with clinical examples and tips for helping you learn and integrate MET's into your daily work.

2.  The Vital Glutes: 

The NAT Master Course "Treating the Vital Glutes" covers one of the most neglected areas of the body: the gluteal muscles. The beautifully illustrated course text will take you on a fascinating journey of enlightenment, teaching you to recognize pain and dysfunctional patterns that arise from the gluteal muscles. 

3. Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and the SI Joint:

This master course provides a step-by-step guide for assessing the pelvis and sacroiliac joint. The course covers all aspects of this crucial area of the body and how it links within the kinetic chain system. Fully illustrated with 350 color photographs, this course is to designed to further your understanding of pelvic pain and what you can do about it, and is supported with a wealth of practical information.

4.  The Vital Psoas: 

Taking a uniquely holistic approach, the course text explores how the Psoas affects the health of the body, mind, and spirit:

  • Physically, as the only muscle that connects the upper and lower body
  • Emotionally, as a messenger to and from the brain and a vessel of deeply rooted feelings
  • Spiritually, as an integrator within the root of the lower chakras, subtly affecting the flow of life energy throughout the body

5.  Trigger Point Theory Foundation Course

The course covers:  Myofascia; Embryology of fascia; Trigger Point Characteristics; Referred Pain Patters; Physiology of trigger Points; Physiology of Movement; Muscle Morphology; Peripheral and Central Sensitization; Trigger Point Formation and Posture; Lifestyle and Diet; Differential Diagnosis; Trigger Point Classification; Reciprocal Inhibition; Neuroplastic Trigger Point Hypothesis; Treating Trigger Points in Reverse; NAT Theory; Complexity Theory; Super Trigger points 

What's Included? 

Course Texts

Muscle Energy Techniques

The Vital Glutes

Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint

The Vital Psoas

Trigger Point Theory course


Full colour illustrations

Easy "Quick Reference" format

Click here for Sample Pages and more Sample Pages

Video Classes

15 Video Classes presented by Stuart Hinds

HD quality video accessed via our Virtual Classroom (password provided)

Watch anytime online or download on any device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone)
Online Exams  and Certification

Online Exam comprising multiple choice questions

NAT Certification - For more information click here

See table below for other CEU accreditations

Exam does not need to be completed in any one sitting.

You may save your answers as you go along and return to continue at any time - internet connection required



Massage and Manual Therapists, Physical Therapists, PTA's, Occupational Therapists, OTA's, Athletic Trainers, Exercise and Fitness Professionals  

CEU Accreditations  (Courses combined)

Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) 15.5 CEU's
Massage Therapists (MMA - formerly AAMT)     50 CPE
Physical Therapists / PTA's (PTBC) 22.5 Hrs / 2.25 CEU's
Canadian Massage Therapists (CMMOTA formerly RMTA) - Alberta 7.75 CEC's
Massage Therapists (MTAM) 5 CEU's
NAT Credits 23


Note:  If you are unsure that the new skills taught in these courses are within your scope of practice, please check with your local licensing board.

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