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Thoracic Spine Mobility

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

TECHNIQUE Kneel on the ground and raise one arm. Then rotate your shoulders and middle back while looking upwards. MUSCLES BEING STRETCHED Primary muscles: Semispinalis thoracis. Spinalis thoracis. Longissimus thoracis. Iliocostalis thoracis. Iliocostalis lumborum. Multifidus. Rotatores. Intertransversarii. Interspinales. Secondary muscles: External and internal obliques. Pectoralis major.INJURY WHERE STRETCH MAY BE USEFUL Back muscle strain. Back ligament sprain. Abdominal muscle strain (obliques). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR PERFORMING THIS STRETCH CORRECTLY Keep your arm pointing straight upward and follow your hand with your eyes. This will help to further extend the stretch into your neck. The best thing to do if you are...

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Shoulder Testing Techniques - Supraspinatus

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

There are a number of manual testing techniques that can be used to indicate problems with the rotator cuff muscles. Here we deal specifically with a well used test for supraspinatus.   The muscles are tested using active resisted movement to isolate any symptoms to the contracting muscles. A positive test involves pain and often weakness on contracting the affected muscle. Weakness will be felt with partial or full-thickness tears of the rotator cuff, but may also be present with tendinitis due to pain inhibition of the affected muscle.     The examiner stands alongside the patient on the affected...

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Trigger Pointy Therapy - The Physiology of Muscle Contraction

Posted by Simeon Niel Asher on

  Understanding Nerve Impulse and Muscle Action Each muscle fiber is innervated by a single motor nerve fiber, ending near the middle of the muscle fiber. A single motor nerve fiber and all the muscle fibers it supplies is known as a motor unit. The number of muscle fibers supplied by a single nerve fiber is dependent upon the movement required. When an exact, controlled degree of movement is required, such as in eye or finger movement, only a few muscle fibers are supplied; when a bigger movement is required, as in large muscles like gluteus maximus, several hundred fibers...

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