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Treating Trigger Points - Iliopsoas

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  Treating Iliopsoas - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner   Iliopsoas The iliacus and psoas major (including the psoas minor if one is present) combine to provide a deceleration of internal rotation of the femur on heel- strike and slow hip extension. Bilateral contraction of this fleshy triangular muscle provides stability to the lumbar spine. These muscles are rich in muscle spindles and are therefore prone to shorten under stress. This in turn can cause inhibition in the gluteus maximus. Trigger points in these muscles typically refer pain across the lower back and down into the buttock, anterior thigh, and groin.   SEE...

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Understanding the Psoas as a Major Mechanism

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

 Psoas Trigger Points and Pain Maps   Trigger Point Therapy - Online Master Course   Any force of the Psoas (muscular contraction) can stimulate and massage organs such as the intestines, kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, bladder, and stomach The psoas is considered a core muscle that acts as a keystone, central and superior to the “flying buttresses” of the femurs and thigh muscles. This major architectural concept is also apparent in the skeletal pelvis/leg relationship, and supports the human body much like an arch does in building structures. A shelf - supporting internal organs The psoas travels vertically from the...

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