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Trigger Point Therapy - Gmed Causing MCL Pain and Meniscal Pain

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  Stretching the GMed - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner   A tight muscle will pull the joint into a dysfunctional position, and a weak muscle will allow it to happen There are other factors regarding the Gluteus Medius (Gmed) that need to be taken into account when it is a question of medial or lateral knee pain: “medial knee drift,” which is a valgus position of the tibiofemoral joint; and, less common, “lateral knee drift,” which is a varus position of the tibiofemoral joint. When a client or athlete consults their physical therapist with knee pain, they might have been told that...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Assessing Athletes for Common Hip, Knee and Shin Pain

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

    How the smartphone has become the therapists magic tool! Runners frequently develop hip, knee and shin pain much of which may have trigger points as a root cause. Because trigger points make their host muscles shorter, weaker, and less efficient, this will often cause the runner to unknowingly compensate putting undesired strain on other muscles, with a knock-on effect in form, technique and performance. In today's video blog, Stuart Hinds shows how he uses the video app on his phone to assess the running technique of his clients, and to help identify those tiny but all important signals that...

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